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Top Brands Outdoor Blankets Analysis : 01 Eddie Bauer -Packable Synthetic Throw

Outdoor camping

Analysis : Eddie Bauer : outdoor / camping blankets

Blanket 01 : Packable Synthetic Throw 50″ x 70″ , link here : https://www.eddiebauer.com/p/82200822/Packable-Synthetic-Throw-50%22-x-70%22?sp=1&rrec=true&size=ONE%20SIZE&color=Blue

Sizes :

It has a good size 50 inches by 70 inches ( 127 cm * 178 cm ), good enough for one person curcling up.

Materials :

Seen from its despriction ” The soft, smooth, 400-thread-count polyester fabric makes this throw perfect for curling up and relaxing. The PrimaLoft® insulation adds warmth with very little weight. ” , we can get two key information ” 400-thread count polyester ” and ” Primaloft insulation “.

So what are they ? They are two key materials for making up this blanket amazing.

“400 thread count polyester” ——— It means this blanket shell fabric is made of polyester, and the fabric has 400 yarns per square inches totally in warp and weft. It is one kind of high density fabric, as the same as it described ” soft and smooth”, and another benefit for this fabric material : Anti- down. 

“Primaloft insulation” —— It is the representative of high-performance synthetic fiber filling for outdoor products or clothing applications. It has short fiber hollow structure and high thermal insulation coefficient. PrimaLoft® insulation is permanently water-resistant. It retains its insulating and lightweight properties for warmth and comfort, even when wet.  Regular, there are three types primaloft insulation : Primaloft gold, primaloft silver, and primaloft eco.
It is pity that Eddie Bauer does not offer the specific type primaloft insulation they use. In the same thickness (fill weight per square meters), the warm is : primaloft gold > primaloft silver >primaloft eco.

As a general rule :  lower than 100 gram filling weight per square meters ( 100 GSM ) is just for summer, 120-160 GSM is for three seasons (spring, summer, Autumn), over 230 GSM is for four seasons ( spring, summer, autumn, winter).

In short, Eddie Bauer selects higher quality fabric and filling materials than thoses other smaller brand sold on amazon or e-commerce shop.


It is a simplest design blanket. It does not have any other features, instead of front shell, inside filling, backside fabric, and ordinary square grid quitling lines. However, they are charming due to their colorways and printing patterns.  We can get proof from the buyers’ comments :

We use it at home, the colors are vibrant and it feels like a warmish sleeping bag.”
“I was so glad to see this blanket come back and in more patterns. It is my favorite blanket of all time. I keep it on my couch, keep one in my car for travel, and often prefer it when I’m sleeping in bed. You never get too hot or too cold and it’s just the best all around. I’ll keep buying until I die. My only suggestion is that I’d love to have solid color options or at least a few options with more subtle patterns.”

That is proud to have clients who will keep buy our product until they die.


It just sell at $62.3, while the other brand having similar features blankets are sold at $90 +.  I would like to say, Eddie Bauer is good at supplying chain managements.

Would you like to know more about how to process the manufacturing for this similar blankets under $20 with small MOQ 100/ colors ?
Feel free to contact us to know more.


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