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About Tanodd

We treat us more as "Project Managers" than a supplying factory, are contributing to saving clients' costs, and sticking to the principle of" delivering the right outdoor blankets at the right time for what the clients paid"

Over a decade in the outdoor industry, we find that the work is too complex for one company to produce all the outdoor blankets from raw materials and then sell them to the customers. The buyer is too difficult to purchase all blankets from one factory. The reason is that outdoor blankets are diverse in designs and functions. 

Here we can do for you, rebuild the designs, and offer fast response and solutions to your needs, select the best matches manufacturing factory from our systems, control the quality from the first steps of materials.

We cherish any cents you paid to us. We can not promise that we could do every order at the lowest price, we are aware that we could do every order not higher than the market average price, and we won’t let you be cheated.

What can you benefit from Tanodd?

It is nothing better than a supplier could understand you! That would make things to be easier!  No more you feel frightening in the late evening by a death call.  Non-need you get scared of things went in the wrong direction. You get safe, and you get everything in control as planned.


1. You can find here all kinds of outdoor blankets.

We supply various outdoor blankets.

  • in feature: waterproof & warm outdoor blanket,
  • in the price: cheap and luxury outdoor blanket,
  • in the function: outdoor throw blanket, outdoor camping quilt, etc.
    Just throw us a picture or a description, we could get it done.

2. Free charges to get support from outdoor industry experts.

We have been in the outdoor products manufacturing and business lines for over a decade years.

Each of our project managers has done successfully in over 20 cases.


3. Get every instant report of full-lifecycle project activities.

You will get in-time updated for every step of your projects,  from the first information gathering to the material confirming, from the sample prototype making to the bulk material purchasing, from the production process to the ready to be inspected, from the landing to the delivery. You know everything you are caring for.


4. Market trend information sharing.

Every week we could generate a vast of information from market inquiries, material suppliers, and clients’ feedback sharing. Most of our clients now benefit from the information we shared with them to catch up on the opportunity or reduce the risks.


5. The best way to organize your project and save costs.

In some cases, it is not the best choice for arranging the productions to the factories that are the top ones in the market. It might be better to have a small factory to run the production.  Every outdoor blanket project has its own features, we need to analyze which way is the best for us, to achieve the balance of cost-performance.


6. Cooperatives' benefits and risk-sharing financial system.

It is not easy to make meaningful things to be successful. We create a system to offer our hands-on to solve your financial issues.  We are glad and welcomed to do business and set up a totally innovative outdoor blankets brand together with you.

Rich Experience In Problem-Solving

How outdoor blanket projects are created?

Wanted to have a unique outdoor throw blanket? Aimed at a cheap outdoor blanket design for the mass market? Worked hard to get a blanket factory to satisfy your demands? They are all to being easy with Tanodd.

1. Gather Ideas

Let’s come that nice opportunities and brilliant ideas gather around all at once.


2. Make Prototypes

Fast: 7-15 days delivery of the first prototype to see what the real blanket looks like.


3. Project Management

Critical Management on productions and material trims to be exactly the same as the approval PP sample.

Start Your Project Free

We are willing to listen attentively to your sound, providing a completely free project consultation!