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You can freely get all information from Tanodd about importing and manufacturing outdoor & camp blankets.

Questions About Tanodd Company

  1. Where is your factory located ?
    A: Our factory is located in Tongchen City, Anhui province, it is a small city in the middle east of China, around 3 hours far away from Shanghai by high speed train.
  2. What are Tanodd main products ?
    A: We mainly produce outdoor & camp blankets, especially good at manufacturing puffy blankets similar as Rumpl.
    Before 2020, our factory was in the lines with home texitle down quilt, due to the chance, we transform and update our production lines in outdoor warm quilts, gears and blankets. 
  3. How many workers does Tanodd have ?
    A: we are a small factory, having 50 workers, 100% of them are from our locally, and 90% of them have worked in our factory for more than 5 years.
  4. What is your production capacity per month ?
    A: We could produce 5000 units camp blankets per month.
  5. What are your main markets ?
    A:Our main market are  USA, West of European, Japan. We are looking for the chance to extend new market in emerging market like Korea, Austrilia, and South-East of Asia, Russia etc. 
  6. What is your lastest annual sale ?
    A:  Our 2020 annual sale is around 5 Million USD dollars.
  7. When are your peak and slack seasons ?
    A: Our slack production months are 2-3, and 7-8. Busiest months are 3-5, 11-1. 

Questions About Blankets Specification

  1. What are the sizes of blankets ?
    A: Generally, there are three sizes of blankets.
    Junior: 28 x 40″ (71 *101.6 cm)
    1-Person: 52 x 75” (132 * 190.5 cm)
    2-Person: 80 x 84″ ( 203 * 213.5 cm)
  2. What are the fabric materials ?
    A:It would depend on your buget. Normally, for economic ones, the fabric would use 30d ripstop polyester. 
    For high -end, like down blanket, it is usually taken 20d nylon.
    We have several different kinds of fabric materials could be used for the puffy blankets : 30d polyester, 20d nylon, 100% cotton, brushed fleece polyester, recycled fabric in polyester and nylon. 
  3. What is the infilling insulation ?
    A : Well, infilling insulation is also rest with your bugnet. We could have polyester padding cotton, polyester silk wadding cotton, recycled polyester cotton, and duck down or goose down. 
  4. What is the quilting methods ?
    A: we have two ways in quilting, sewing by hands or quliting by machine controlled by computer.
  5. Does the blanket material comply with the laws ?
    A: It is needed for you to do research for knowing your market requirements on material,  most of the country or region does not have the requirments for using ec0-friendly and certificated materials, but some areas do need. For example, if you want to sell in CA, then the fabric needs to meet the standards of CA-65.
    When you send us the inquiry, please let us know if you need any certificated fabrics and materials as well. 

Questions About Prices

  1. Can you send me the price list for your catalogue ?
    A: Yes, we can. We would like to share with you all the price information to clients, however, the basic price offered for catalogue would have a slightly differences in final order process. As the price is facted by quality, quantity, and trade terms etc.
  2. Could you give me your best price ?
    A: yes, we would love to, we wish we could give you the best price at the first running to save both of our time and energy. However, there might something make us misunderstand your requirements on outdoor blankets. If the price you get from us not meeting your target, please do not hesitate to talk to us. You know, close communications could narrow down the misunderstandings. 


Questions About Customized Blankets

  1. Where could I customize on blanket ?
    A : you can customize : blanket color, blacket printing pattern, quilting pattern, logos on blanket and stuff sack, hangtags and instruction labels. 
  2. Which file should we send to you for starting a customized blanket ?
    A: At least, you should prepare the logo file in PDF. And if you have color requirments, please prepare PMS pantone color no.

Questions About Sample

  1. Can I get a free blanket sample ?
    Yes, if the sample you want could be picked up from our stocks, without any special requests, we could offer you a free sample. But you must pay the shipping costs. 
  2. Do you support to make a sample of customized printing pattern blanket ?
    Yes, any design could be printed out is possible, and we would need you to offer us the printing pattern desig. 
  3. How long would a customized sample take ?
    It depends the complicated works on your sample, usually it could be completed in 10 days. 
  4.  How much is a customized sample ?
    It varies a lot from different designs, mainly is about 30-60 USD.

Questions About Package

  1. What is the package of blankets ?
    Each blanket is entered into an opp bag, then put into master carton boxes. 
  2. Could I have individual box for each blanket ?
    Yes, you can. 
  3. Do you offer the service for Amazon FBA labeling ?
    Yes, we do .

Questions About Delivery Time

What is your delivery time ?
Our delivery time for order less than 5000 units is 30-35 days. 

Questions About Quality Control

How do you do the quality control ?
We do three times quality control through every order, the first time is the material inspection, the second time is the inspection of semi-production, the thrid time is full inspection before shipping. 

Questions About Payment Terms

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Questions About Order Warranty

What is the order warranty ?
We promise a life-time service for your order. 

Questions About Shipping

Do you do Door to Door Shipping ?
Yes, we do , there are two ways for door to door shipping, one is custom duty included, the other one is not. 

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