3 Seasons Outdoor Puffy Blankets


It is very cost effective and efficient entry-level outdoor puffy blanket. Simple in design, Essential function preserved.
Soft and durable shell fabric with DWR (Durable water repellency)coated.
Fill 160 GSM Synthetic polyester fiber.
It would be a good blanket for mass sale or for a brand promotional activity.

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    ABOUT THE 3 Seasons Outdoor Puffy Blankets

    3 Seasons Outdoor Puffy Blankets

    The representative for this 3 season outdoor puffy blanket is the one from Sam’s Club. See below link :


    You could see the most attractive point is Price at $29.98 per unit, which is almost 3 times less than other brand with a similar size 5 * 7 feet puffy blanket.

    Detail specification : 

    • Measures 5′ x 7’/60″ x 84″
    • 4 perfect pattern colors: Navy/Teal Ombre,Hunter Green, Dark Red, Navy
    • Equivalent of about 70 recycled plastic bottles used in production of each
    • Soft durable ripstop polyester shell protects from wind
    • Durable Water Repellant finish resists water, spills and weather
    • Packable, portable blanket
    • Ripstop shell made from 100% recycled materials
    • Cape clip, featured on all 1-person blankets to wear blanket hands-free
    • Quilted design keeps fill in place and eliminates cold spots
    • Corner loops
    • Machine washable for easy care

    So what is the secrect for that Sam’s Club is able to sell this outdoor puffy blanket only at$29.98 ? The answer is to produce a very large quantity blanket one time to compress the  landed costs (material / labour/ logistic/ management).

    To us Tanodd, we are able to make a very cost- efficient outdoor puffy blanket similar as the Sam’s Club one under 10 USD with a order quantity over 20K.

    It is no doubt that, sam’s club puffy blanket would be one of the top rounding out outdoor blanket soon, just beacuse of the cost performance.

    So if you have a lrage potential purchases in your data, and suffficient fund, you are much close to win more by investing in this cheap but pretty decent quality blanket.


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