Lightweight Camping Blanket


When it comes to a outdoor/ camping blanket B2B purchasing, we are thinking about how fast and how many  quantity we can sell.
There is no doubt there are roaring demands for camping blankets in the market.
And the same here we can supply the highest quality blankets for you.
So only thing you need to consider is your marketing channels and who you want to compete with.

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    ABOUT THE Lightweight Camping Blanket

    Lightweight Camping Blanket

    Though we are a facotry in this outdoor/ camping blankets, we are short experience in popular colorways printing designs, and other designing work, we are good at manufacturing blankets based on your design art file.

    So if you want to have a successful blanket, you must consider the blanket componenets as belows :

    •  Sizes: the width and length, used for 1 person or double person
    • Fabric materials :  polyester, nylon, cotton, brushed material, polyester/ cotton ?  different materials are used for different scenario, and they have different feelings and results.
    • Filling : duck/ goose down, synethic polyester fiber, new tech fill ? The seasons ?
    • Colorways design :  it is important for eye attraction marketing
    • Quilting Pattern : Probably you want some unique quilting pattern.
    • Other features : stuff sack bag/ blanket pockets / backside sand pockets / corner stake loops ?



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