Snap-to-Connect Inflatable Pad with Foot Pump


Experience the ultimate convenience in outdoor sleeping with our innovative inflatable pad. Inflate with ease using the built-in foot pump and connect multiple pads seamlessly for a shared resting space.

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    ABOUT THE Snap-to-Connect Inflatable Pad with Foot Pump

    • Quick Inflation: Effortless foot pump mechanism.

    • Modular Design: Snaps for easy connection to other pads.

    • Durable Material: Crafted for rugged outdoor use.

    • Compact Storage: Lightweight and folds down for portability.

    • Comfortable Surface: Soft, supportive cushioning for a good night’s sleep.

    Size: 195 *70 cm (L*W)
    Height after Inflation: 10 cm
    Package Size: 29*15 cm
    Weight: 0.95 Kgs
    SKU NO. : TO-SP-1001 
    40d Nylon TPU
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